Think Children and Omega 3 Are Unimportant? Think Again

When it comes to children and omega 3, studies show that a lot of children are actually deficient in this essential fatty acid. Omega 3 is not produced by the body so we need to get it through other means like diet and supplementation. The problem with children and omega 3 is that kids are usually picky eaters, which means that they are missing out on eating a lot of omega 3 rich foods, especially oily fish.

Low omega 3 levels are not okay as it has been linked to several childhood problems such as behavioral problems, ADHD, and learning disorders. In the future, this can present even more problems as deficiency in omega 3 has shown to increase one’s risk for heart disease and psychiatric disorders.

How then can parents help their children get enough of DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids? One way to ensure that your kids get the omega 3 their body needs is by giving them fish oil supplements. Omega 3 supplements are widely available plus there are formulations made especially for children. Experts recognize the problem between children and omega 3 that is why there has been an increase in the number of parents who give their children omega 3 supplements instead of relying on diet alone.

Giving your child omega 3 supplements will ensure that he is protected from different health problems and will also help boost his brain functioning. DHA and EPA also promote healthy vision, which is important especially in children.

It is important though to choose an omega 3 supplement that is of good quality. Some brands do not use pure oil, while some use rancid fish, and some do not have the right DHA and EPA content in the supplement. These factors are important especially when your children are involved.

You can ensure the purity of an omega 3 supplement by buying a brand that uses molecular distillation as a means of cleaning the oil. Molecular distillation effectively gets rid of impurities and toxins while converting the oil to a more concentrated form.

Freshness is also important so that your child does not experience bloating and burping after taking the supplement. This can be assured by checking the total oxidation levels on the certificate of analysis of the fish oil. DHA and EPA content should also be in the right amount and ratio so that the intended health benefits will be achieved.

Children and omega 3 obviously go hand in hand when it comes to good health. Omega 3 is important for a healthy body, regardless of whether you are a child or a grown up. Make sure that you give your child the best because he deserves nothing but.