Iceland Health Omega 3 – The Benefits of Iceland Health Omega 3

There is a wide variety of Omega 3 supplements available in most stores and do not require a doctor’s prescription. For the most part, they are very effective and safe. Iceland Health Omega 3 is a popular choice because it is made with pharmaceutical grade fish oils that have had toxins and other impurities removed by molecular distillation.

Omegas 3s are important to good health as almost every body system needs them to grow and develop. Two of the most common Omega 3s are DHA and EPA. Fish oil is the only food source that provides appropriate amounts of both DHA and EPA.

Fatty acids may be very beneficial for people who have heart disease. If you are at high risk for cardiovascular disease, you should increase your intake of Omega 3 supplements.
A healthy immune system can benefit from Iceland Omega 3 and other top quality fish oil supplements.

Physicians highly recommend adding fish to your diet as well as vitamins and mineral supplements. Nutritional supplements including Omega 3 supplements may also be added to your health regimen under your doctor’s advice. The reputation of companies is a good indicator of high quality. High quality supplements should be made with purified fish oil. Iceland Omega 3 is one such supplement and can provide long lasting health benefits.

Before purchasing an Omega 3 supplement, check to see the source of the fish oil that was used. One of the most abundant sources of Omega 3 fish oils is the Hoki fish that is found in the cold waters off of New Zealand. It has a low concentration of mercury and other toxic impurities in its oil.

The typical dosage for Omega 3 fish oil capsules is 3 to 4 capsules daily for healthy individuals. Pregnant and nursing mothers should discuss the use of Omega 3 fish oil with their doctors. If a person has a sensitive stomach or immune system, it is advisable to start with a low dose and increase it a little at a time to avoid side effects such as infections and stomach problems. Iceland Omega 3 fish oils are beneficial to overall health.