Green Lipped Mussel Supplements Are Not The Only Way To Increase Your Omega-3

You don’t need to take a fish oil supplement or green lipped mussel supplement to get more omega-3, but it sure may be the best way to do it.

Why is it so important that you get more omega-3?

Because it is an essential fatty acid that your body needs to function, but that it can’t make. So however you get it, omega-3 is necessary to your health.

In terms of how much you actually get, besides the minimal amount that is needed for your health, omega-3 also is one of the best sources for an anti-inflammatory – something that is also very important to your health, considering that there is a long list of major diseases and health conditions that are recognized to have excess chronic inflammation as a reason or cause.

Is it any wonder that chronic inflammation is called ‘the secret killer’, when the list of health problems associated to inflammation includes:

· Heart disease and increased risk of dying of a heart attack
· Triglycerides and fat in the blood
· Joint conditions and arthritis
· Diabetes
· Alzheimer’s disease
· Allergies and asthma
· Some types of cancer

You read a list like this and you realize just how important omega-3 really is – and then how important having a source of omega-3 with very strong anti-inflammatory properties like green lipped mussel omega-3 becomes.

Omega-3 Amounts Can Be Increased Through Diet

Your omega-3 intake can be increased through diet, and this is something that should be done, because it is actually deficient in most diets when compared to the amount of omega-6 that it includes. You want a balance of omega-6 to omega-3 of around 2:1, but it is more typically around 16:1.

Considering that this extra omega-6 is coming from fats like vegetable oil and fast foods, you probably need more omega-3 than you know, because omega-6 can add to your body’s inflammation – both to bring this ratio into its proper balance, and then to be able to realized the important anti-inflammatory health benefits.

Before you do try to increase your omega-3 through diet, there is some things that are important to understand. Omega-3 is called an essential fatty acid, but it is a group that is made up other fatty acids – and these all have different anti-inflammatory properties. The omega-3 fatty acids are known as ALA, EPA, and DHA.

ALA comes from plant sources, for instance flax seed oil is an ALA fatty. EPA and DHA come from marine life sources; certain fatty fish and green lipped mussels are the best sources I know for this – do note that DHA is the most important fatty acid for managing inflammation.

If you want more omega-3 through diet, you want to get it through the marine sources, because ALA is does not provide the anti-inflammatory benefits without being converted into DHA. Your body does provide that function, except it is slow and not very efficient.

EPA and DHA are available through eating more fish, and this is a dietary way to get more omega-3 and its anti-inflammatory benefits. The thing to keep in mind though is quantity. Even if you would eat the 2-3 servings of fish each week that the American Heart Association recommends; you really wouldn’t be maximizing the amount of omega-3 and DHA that would be most beneficial.

Because diet either does not including the best source of omega-3, or it includes a good source but not a sufficient quantity – the alternative is to get your omega-3 DHA through a proper fish oil supplement, or green lipped mussel supplement omega-3.

And actually better than taking either one of these individually, it would be best to take them both together. It has been shown that the combination will give you increased anti-inflammatory effectiveness over either one of them individually.

Iceland Health Omega 3 – Learn About the Benefits of Iceland Health Omega 3

A wide range of omega 3 supplements are available over the counter. These products do not require a doctor’s prescription and most of the time are very effective and totally safe to use. Iceland health omega 3 is very much popular among its customers as it provides pharmaceutical grade fish oil which is free from impurities and toxins.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for maintaining good health and they are required by almost all systems of the body to develop fully. Two of the most important fatty acids in this category are DHA and EPA. Fish oil is the only known food source which provides both these fatty acids in adequate quantities.

These fatty acids are especially useful for people with heart problems. Those who are at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease should increase their intake of omega 3 fatty acids through nutritional supplements.

Doctors recommend including fish to an everyday diet along with vitamin and mineral sources and some useful nutritional supplements including omega 3 fish oil capsules. Growing children and elderly people should also be given omega 3 on a regular basis to develop a healthy immune system.

DHA and EPA are also good for people who want to lower their triglyceride levels in the body. To ensure that you are consuming a high-quality omega 3 supplement, check the reputation of the company you are buying the product from. Iceland health omega 3 provides many benefits in terms of long-term health and well-being. If you are looking for such supplements to improve your overall health, you are on the right track.

An important point to remember before buying omega 3 fish oil capsules is to look for a product that includes the oil from the Hoki fish found in the waters of New Zealand. This fish has been found to be useful for health because of very low levels of mercury and toxins found in its oil. If you want to buy a high-quality product with no impurities of any kind, go for the one that uses Hoki fish as its main source.

Normally 3 to 4 capsules are recommended on a daily basis for an average, healthy person. Pregnant and lactating women may want to discuss their condition with their doctor before consuming omega 3 in large quantities. Similarly, people with a sensitive stomach and immune system are advised to start with a low dose and then keep on increasing it gradually to avoid infections and stomach problems.

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Aging in women can happen at varying stages of life, but the first signs of aging show themselves through the skin, cardiovascular system, and nervous system. There’s no way to completely reverse the effects of aging, but there are simple things you can do to maintain your youthful vitality, health, and appearance. Nutritionists recommend making omega-3 supplements a mainstay in every woman’s diet. Omega-3 essential fatty acids, usually found in deep sea fatty fish, are known to bring a host of health benefits to a woman’s health and physical beauty.

Alone or in combination with niacin and vitamin E, omega-3 supplements can provide the nutritional building blocks for skin, hair, and nail rejuvenation. Dry skin, brittle hair, and fragile nails are among the physical symptoms of an omega-3 essential fatty acid deficiency because omega-3 participates in cell formation. The long-chain docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in omega-3 supplements work like magic to combat dry skin, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis because they keep skin cells strong, moist, and receptive to nutrients.

Aside from improving the appearance and quality of skin, hair, and nails, omega-3 supplements can keep the nervous system functioning at top shape. The outer membranes of neurons require omega-3 fatty acids to keep it soft and supple for easier communication among different regions of the brain. This is why a deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids can cause common psychiatric conditions like attention deficits and chronic depression. Conversely, women who consume omega-3 fatty acids experience balanced moods, sharper minds, and improved concentration levels.

Omega-3 can also prevent the onset of heart disease and diabetes. A type of omega-3 fatty acid called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) work together with DHA to keep the large arteries of the heart elastic and strong. When the large arteries become stiff with old age, a person becomes more susceptible to hypertension and increased pulse, which both contribute to coronary heart disease. Studies on omega-3 fatty acid intake among middle-aged men and women show that those who consume omega-3 supplements daily have lower pulse pressure. As a form of diabetes prevention, omega-3 fatty acids lowers the amounts of two markers of diabetes, apoproteins and triglycerides. Because of its benefits to cardiovascular health, omega-3 fatty acids can also prevent complications caused by type 2 diabetes.

Today, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids to good health. As a result, there are now a number of omega-3 supplements in the market. But before you go out and buy just any brand, take note that the appropriate dose for omega-3 supplements depends on the amount of EPA and DHA in the product. DHA and EPA tend to compete with each other, and sometimes a combined amount cannot treat certain conditions. For general health and well-being however, experts recommend a product that provides pure EPA. EPA has the anti-inflammatory agents needed by healthy skin and muscles, and the body can convert EPA to DHA as needed.