Sexual Health Matters – Maintaining Satisfaction in a Long-distance Relationship

Maintaining a healthy relationship is hard. Whether the couple is living in the same home, across town, or across the country, all relationships have their ups and downs. That being said, long-distance relationships can be particularly trying on a couple and seem to be more prone to an abrupt ending. When it comes to a sexual relationship, long-distance can make things even more difficult. One thing is for sure, though, when one is finally reunited with one’s partner after many months apart, the reunion is sure to be worth it. To that end, it is important to keep up proper penis care so it is ready to go when the time is right. Some suggestions for maintaining good sexual health AND keeping things spicy between visits are offered here.

Can a long-distance relationship really work? Is there a higher chance of a partner cheating in this type of relationship?

While a long-distance relationship can certainly be trying on a couple – particularly if there is a history of infidelity with either partner – they can be successful. A long-distance relationship can be really lonely, and without having a partner around to spend down time with, it may be tempting to seek companionship in a friend or coworker. If this friend or coworker happens to be of the opposite sex, it is possible that a sexual attraction may form. However, if one is in a loving, committed relationship to begin with, this temptation is no different than it would be while living with one’s partner. That being said, hanging out with the opposite sex may cause jealousies to flair and bring on accusations of infidelity from the partner who is hearing about all these great adventures with this new friend — who is now seen as a threat to the relationship. Ultimately, if both partners are dedicated to each other, the chances of cheating should be no higher than that of any other couple. After all, if one’s loyalty and fidelity is dependent on being watched all the time by one’s partner, how faithful is one to the relationship anyhow? Bottom line, if either partner feels they will have trouble staying faithful, they should think long and hard about engaging in a long-distance relationship – and choose their friends wisely!

What can two people do to strengthen a long-distance relationship?

Communicate, communicate, communicate! The key to a successful long-distance relationship is remaining in constant contact with one another, as this helps forge a trusting relationship and reduce that lonely feeling that comes with being apart from one another. Quick emails and text messages throughout the day helps one’s partner know they are loved, and a phone call before bed helps put to rest the fear of infidelity and cheating. Video chatting can also be a good tool in helping two people stay connected and see each other between visits. Communication can also help to establish a level of intimacy that many couples fail to enjoy. Couples who are living together may take each other for granted and plop down on the couch for two hours of TV every night, whereas couples in a long-distance relationship actually talk to each other and communicate – what a novel idea!

Is there anything else to consider before engaging in a long-distance relationship?

Absolutely, a couple needs to consider the amount of time they will be long-distance as well as how far they have to travel to see one another. A couple separated by 2 hours who gets to visit every weekend, is facing a much different situation than a couple living 2 time zones apart with limited ability to travel. Also, consider how long the relationship was established before the distance started, if a couple only has a few months together before facing a 2-year hiatus, that may be a little much to take on, but a long-term couple may be able to do 6-months apart without blinking an eye.

Sex and the long-distance relationship

This can be a bit tricky, as physical intimacy is the one thing most people miss during a long-distance relationship. Of course, some couples choose to be creative and engage in phone sex or any other mode of long-distance rendezvous, but for many it is not as good as the real thing. Thus, when it comes time for a visit, one should be ready to get down and dirty, as the clothes may hit the floor as soon as the door closes. One way to stay primed and ready for action is to use a high quality penis health creme to keep the penis healthy and ready for business. Specially formulated, a penis creme can increase sensitivity, improve the appearance of the skin and heal tissue damage from overly aggressive sex – a possible hazard of the long-distance relationship!

Fish Oil For Cardiovascular Health – Omega 3 For High Cholesterol

Omega 3 or fish oil is polyunsaturated fat found in fish oil, fish, and in food supplements form. It typically has of a mixture of polyunsaturated fatty acids which include docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (ECA). Polyunsaturated fats, especially DHA and EPA, are heart friendly fats since they don’t promote atherosclerosis related with heart disease causes.

Previous studies have shown that a person who is taking omega 3 fish oil for cardiovascular health has reduced the risk of sudden death from cardiovascular disease. Recent studies have indicated that it can as well lower the risk for cardiovascular diseases by improving the lipids of our body. So, does this Omega 3 help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels?

The common dose tested in these studies ranges about 900 milligrams to 5 grams each day of a combination of DHA and EPA. To get this amount of polyunsaturated fats, one needs to consume a lot of fish.

Therefore, food supplements are usually used. Ingesting 900 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids every day resulted in a four percent drop off in triglyceride levels after five to six months. The average dose used which was effective in most studies was about two to four grams, and this had resulted in decrease in triglycerides for about twenty five to forty-five percent.

Omega-3 fatty acid’s effectiveness on triglycerides is dose dependent; this means that the more omega-3 fatty acids ingested the lower triglyceride levels in our body will fall. This will work best if you follow a healthy diet.

Omega-3 fatty acids seemed to affect newly consumed triglycerides more. Moreover, people with high triglyceride levels (more than 500 mg / dL) appear to gain the most benefit from omega-3 supplementation.

Even though it could lower triglyceride levels, it can slightly elevate low density lipoproteins (also known as “bad” cholesterol or LDL). However, this change is modest and could range from three to ten percent. On the other hand, high density lipoproteins (also known as the “good” cholesterol or HDL) don’t appear to be affected by omega-3 supplementation, if not increased to some extent.

Omega 3 fish oil for cardiovascular health are available as a supplement or as a prescription at any nutritional store or local pharmacy or can be bought online and shipped to your home. Just a gram of omega 3 fish oil for cardiovascular health supplement a day could cause triglycerides to decrease and would help prevent sudden death from cardiovascular diseases.

An average of 4 grams of omega 3 fatty acids is normally used to lower triglycerides in people with elevated triglyceride levels. It is suggested that people taking more than three grams each day must consult a health care provider, because high doses of omega 3 fatty acids could decrease the platelets that may cause the occurrence of bleeding more easily.

You have to know that prescribed omega-3 fatty acids have certain amount of DHA and EPA. They are purified and carefully rid of impurities like mercury, trans-fats, and other contaminants.

Supplements purchased OTC are classified as “foods”. Therefore, they don’t have to go through the efficacy studies or thorough purification processes that prescribed drugs have to go undergo.

Omega 3 For Children

Omega 3 fatty acids have been called brain food for children. There are numerous benefits of Omega 3 for children. These benefits include brain and nerve functioning, mood enhancement, immune health, vision health, joint health, and cardiovascular health. Omega 3 plays a vital role to your child’s overall health, and over 90% of children lack the proper amount of Omega 3 in their diets. That is why these supplements of Omega 3 for children are in high demand.

What are Omega 3 fatty acids?:
Omega 3 fatty acids consist of 3 different kinds of fatty acids: DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). ALA acids are taken in by the body and converted into DHA and EPA acids, which are more readily used by the body. DHA and EPA are vital building blocks of our cell membranes, signaling pathways and neurological systems. These nutrients play a critical role in many functions in the body and are essential for good health.

What are the functions of Omega 3 for Children?:
DHA has the most important role of the three fatty acids. It is the most abundant fat in the brain and an important structural part of nerve cells. It makes up tissues in the eye and heart. This is why it is the most important Omega 3 for children. EPA is important for good cardiovascular health. It also reduces chronic inflammation. ALA provides energy for the body. It is needed for skin health. ALA is broken down by our bodies into DHA and EPA although not efficiently.

How do we get Omega 3 in our children’s diet?:
Omega 3 fatty acids can not be produced by our body. We only get them by consuming them in our diet. Omega 3 is found in green leafs of plants. ALA is found in flax oil, walnuts, cold pressed canola oil, and wheat germ. Fish are full of Omega 3 because they eat phytoplankton and seaweed. Oily cold-water fish contain good amounts of DHA and EPA, these include salmon, trout, tuna, sardines, herring, and mackerel.

Another factor that effects levels of Omega 3 in children is the intake of Omega 6 fatty acids. Many people eat man-made trans-fats and excessive amounts of saturated fats and vegetable oils high in Omega 6 fatty acids. These interfere with our bodies attempt to utilize the tiny amount of Omega 3 fats that it gets. The low amount of Omega 3 fats in our diets combined with the large amounts of Omega 6 fats causes a deficiency of Omega 3 in our bodies. The typical American diet nowadays contains extremely little of Omega 3 fatty acids, and so about 95- 99% of the US population is deficient in it. This is why many people are using supplements of Omega 3 for children.

Omega 3 is an essential nutrient for proper brain, nervous system, and visual functioning. A healthy balance of DHA is essential to properly care for the brain throughout life, especially during the early stages of development. Omega 3 fatty acids can not be made by the body and must be obtained through diet. Most people, especially children, do not eat enough foods rich in these fatty acids and therefore are deficient in this vital nutrient. That is why many parents are now getting supplements of Omega 3 for children. Omega 3 can help your child develop properly and grow strong, both physically and intellectually.

Promoting the Enhancement of One’s Well-Being Via Iceland Health Omega 3

Have you ever used Omega 3 over the counter supplements? It’s easy to get access to a variety of these types of supplements nowadays. Many would claim that they work best for one’s well-being, however, results are not that convincing at all. But one that actually stands out is Iceland health omega 3, which has brought a general appeal to the public ever since.

If you are to promote good health in general you have to be able to meet the demands needed for a good quality product that would be able to provide excellent results for the public. Iceland health omega 3 is known for its popularity as for being effective and safe to consume. This supplement may be available in capsules or even pills which are made of pharmaceutical grade fish oil together with active ingredients.

Aside from eating fish, you can also benefit from taking in Iceland health omega 3 supplements. From here, you can assure that you will be able to maintain balance with what your body needs, and you will have greater chances of living your life to the fullest.

What Makes Iceland Omega 3 Work For The Body?

Omega 3 contains fatty acids such as DHA which stands for docosahexanoic acid and EPA which corresponds to eicosapentanoic acid . These two fatty acids are known for the benefits that it can contribute to out system. Do you know that since our brain is in need of adequate levels of DHA, having a supplement together with your daily diet would help boost up your brains functionality? Not only that, other nutritional wonders of omega 3 can relieve you from the state of being threatened from depression, stroke, or even heart attack.

Since fish oil is the one top source of omega 3 fatty acids, it’s highly recommendable for all ages. The benefits that one can get from fish oil are already backed-up by clinical studies. However, to be able to get optimum results for your own well-being, you need to search for the best fish oil supplement that would top them all.

Choosing The Right Omega 3 Supplements

You may find it difficult sometimes to choose from a wide array of health supplements out in the market today. What can definitely help you out is a little knowledge of what you will be looking for.

First, you need to purchase from a reputable company that manufactures the purest and the safest fish oil supplements available in the market today. The challenge is, you don’t have any idea what company provides such, because all of them claims that they provide quality and safe supplement. Well, try to look into the labels and check which omega 3 capsule brands provides 100% pristine, non-toxic fatty acid contents, that can assure you the safety of the product that you will be purchasing, and you’ll never go wrong.